What is a Guardian?

A guardian is a person who has been appointed to an individual's affairs. A guardian can be given authority to manage financial or personal matters, or both.

How long does the guardianship process take?

Much depends on the situation. Most guardianships can be completed within a few months.

What types of guardianships are available?

Generally there are two types of guardians. One is responsible for personal decisions for the ward, such as medical care, where the ward resides, and the release of medical information. The other, a conservator, is responsible for property and financial decisions. Both are under general court supervision and can be appointed for a limited or indefinite amount of time.


Can guardianship be used in an
emergency or temporarily?

Yes, in potentially dangerous situations, as per a judge's discretion. I have a special needs child who's about to turn 18.

Can I have a guardian appointed?

This is a common situation. Depending on your circumstances, a guardian or conservator might be appropriate.

How can I learn more about guardianships?

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