Do I need to schedule an appointment in order to see the attorney?

Yes. Attorneys spend a great deal of time out of the office attending court, mediation and arbitration hearings, etc. A good deal of our time in the office is spent in consultation with other clients. In order to receive the full attention to your issue that you deserve, you should contact our office and schedule an appointment.

Is there a fee for an initial consultation?

If your situation is one that requires a consultation fee, you will be told the amount of the consultation fee by the attorney at the time you schedule the appointment.

Lawyers seem to specialize in certain types of cases. How do I know that you handle my type of case?

Our website discusses some of the types of law in which our firm specializes. The attorney will be happy to discuss that issue with you at the time you call to schedule an appointment.

Will I speak with the attorney or a legal assistant at the initial consultation?

You will always speak with the attorney during consultations. Your case is important to us.

I notice that you have arbitration and mediation listed among your legal specialties. How would I know if I need those services?

The attorney will help you decide that issue. Many times contractual agreements that you have entered require the use of arbitration. Also, mediation can be a less extensive and less expensive process to resolve issues between two parties. Not every case can be resolved in that manner, however.

Is your law firm really a local law firm, or some sort of satellite branch of a firm located in another city?

Our firm is located only in Columbus, Georgia. Attorney Michael Smith is a member of the local community.

Where in the area can your law firm handle cases?

Our firm can provide legal assistance to clients who have cases in Columbus, Georgia; Muscogee County; the Middle and Northern District Courts of Georgia; and Georgia’s Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our firm accepts checks, cash, and money orders. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

Can I reach the attorney by email?

Yes. You can reach out to us by email on our contact page. Our office telephone number is (762) 524-7211.